A lesser-known view of Rasana

Plastic bag floating in an algae-filled lake in Rasana Village,
The entrance of the small village of Rasana is marked by a temple shrouded with branches of an age-old tree.
Rasana looks almost ghostly with its haunting silence and emptiness. The doors of people are sealed shut and not a single person comes in sight.
From the Lens of Pallavi Sareen
The road to Rasana village is paved with trees so thick that to reach the interiors of the village, firstly one must wade through these thick weeds.
And a cow sitting in the middle of a road as if it is the most convenient place is not an oddity either.
In fact, cows are seen everywhere.
But not always in the right state.
And the only lake encapsulated in the village is filled with algae and plastic.

Many other areas in the village are equally polluted. As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” That is an essential, yet ignored factor missing in the infamous Rasana.