About Us

The Straight Line is an independent news venture based in Jammu, the city of temples, not owned by a family or a corporate house. The pledge of The Straight Line is that Journalism here would never be advertisement-driven or controlled in any manner. The Straight Line would adhere to high journalistic ethics and deliver news in the real sense of meaning.

The Straight Line would focus on news from every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir, in-depth analysis of politics, culture and policy, government and governance. The Leadership team of The Straight Line includes experienced Journalists as well as young and bright reporters who have a nose for news. TheStraightLine believes in quality Journalism. It also provides a platform for citizen journalists in Jammu and Kashmir.


Straight Line Media functions under the banner of StraightLine News Pvt Ltd. Straight Line News Pvt Ltd is a company registered under the Indian Company’s Act.

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