Be selfish, grow plants: here’s why

Plants play a vital role in everyone’s lives, even if we ignore them. They not only intake carbon dioxide breathing out oxygen and making the world more breathable for us, but also perform many other functions. From taking care of our health, mind, environment to creating good vibes, being a treat to our eye and what not, plants ensure a healthier environment for humans.

But, what are we doing to them?

Plants not only provide us with shade in the scorching heat but are also used for treating many problems that have emerged because of today’s polluted environment and stress.

A basic herb which is found in almost every household in our country is basil (tulsi). Basil is used for curing a common cold, cough and consumption of it is even beneficial in general. Just one Tulsi leaf a day keeps your internal body healthy as it helps in fighting cancer, has anti-inflammatory properties, is good for digestion and has anti-oxidants as well.

Aloe vera is another commonly found plant. It is not only good for getting healthy and clear skin but it also helps in healing cuts and bruises. Just apply aloe vera gel to your skin and see the difference by yourself. Apply it on cuts or sunburns for an instant soothing effect. Consumption of aloe vera juice is found to be helpful in keeping the sugar level of diabetics under control. One can also treat dandruff by applying aloe vera after mixing it with coconut oil.

Extract of bael leaf helps in curing diarrhoea and dysentery. Neem needs no introduction. Good for your body internally as well as externally, it helps in soothing skin rashes and helps in blood purification.

And the most common flower we can find in almost every home, garden and what not is the marigold but we might be unaware of its benefits. Sunburn, acne and blemishes can be treated by using this flower. Ulcers and other digestion problems can also be cured by using its extracts.

But do we really bother about these plants in our everyday lives? I guess the answer is no.

If not a tree, one should at least plant these helpful plants in their homes, for their own benefit is not of others. If every person plants these in their homes, the environment will by itself be positively impacted.

Lifestyle Article by Hiya Aneja