Sunday, April 5, 2020

Book Review: Startup Secrets from The Ramayana by Prachi Garg

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Startup Secrets from The Ramayana by Prachi Garg is a story of Ram’s struggle while setting up his business with the help of Lakshman and Sita as well as other people in his life over a period of 14 years.

Even the name of this book is unique enough to intrigue a person. Ramayana is one such epic which has people taking derivations from it and using it to create their own mythical worlds. Even prominent authors like Amish have used Ramayana as an inspiration for their work and if one looks towards South India, there are many interpretations as well as completely contradictory versions of Ramayana which have become part of the culture of a particular sect.
I have heard lectures on Feminist Ramayana wherein Sita is shown to be a strong and bold female taking on the challenges of life. But start-up secrets, that too from Ramayana? That is an idea which would have never crossed my mind had I not seen this book.
This book not only infers incidences from the Ramayana to build its plot and guide one through the phases of a start-up but also imagines Ram, Sita, Lakshman and other key characters of Ramayana as living the life of entrepreneurs, trying to set-up a successful business. If one is familiar with the Hindu mythology, they will be able to find many similarities and be amazed at the way the plot of this book has been constructed to guide a person wishing to have his own startup.

The author teaches you through means of this book how Ram dealt with challenges and disasters that threatened his business. The book has a fine balance between startup tips and good storytelling to keep the readers engaged.
Since the book is dosed with fiction, even the readers who do not like self-help books even if they need the tips just because they are boring will have something unique to look forward to. Since the language of the book is not too complex and furthermore the narration is intriguing, readers can easily breeze through the book in a day or two.


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