Central University Jammu bus mess continues


Jammu, Aug 1: Only 4 students from Amphalla-Bhagla route availed the bus service provided by Central University of Jammu. The students of University are facing transportation problems as the road to the university is in a very bad condition. Private matadors do not provide any services to the university as the road is in a very bad condition. Students are not reaching on time for their classes. The students are not ready to pay the amount which University is charging to avail University transport.
The University administration failed to make even proper roads to reach the university from last 8 years. Students are saying that they got admitted to the University because the transportation charges were only rupees 1000. Now in 3rd semester, they are charging us more than 10 thousand. 10 times hike in bus fee has forced them to either remain at home or avail local transport and then either avail shuttle bus which is always overloaded and has fixed timings, but what if students miss it by a few seconds?
The administration is not listening to the students and students are not left with any choice. The annual academic fee is much lesser than the transportation charges. There is no playground in Central University Jammu. No literary events are organised on a large extent. No students are sent to any competitions under student welfare fund. There is no proper infrastructure but still, University administration is claiming that there are short of funds.
Due to a shortage of funds, they are unable to deduce the 10 times hike in the bus fee. Students demand to know where the funds are going if there is not even a playground in a Central government institution. With no roads or means of transport, how does the faculty expects the students to reach on time? Some students from the University said that administration is making a joke of the institution and playing with the future of these students