Cigarettes and you

Your favourite actor and actress inhaling tobacco and you getting inspired to do the same – rotting your heart and lungs, ditching your body cells; those cells which work day and night to keep you healthy. The first cigarette with friends never turns out to be the last.

You become blind when the warning “Smoking is injurious to health” appears on the cinema screen or the packets of tobacco products you buy. Bollywood actors and actresses are often seen endorsing tobacco products in surrogate advertisements and still, they are your idol.

“Dil bada toh tu bada” but your dil is getting weaker day by day with tobacco. Your heart and lungs, your teeth and oral cavity are never the same again after those tobacco products in your mouth.

Along with it, you have contributed a lot in poisoning the air around with that smoke and the continuous red saliva everywhere is pathetic. When you say “Smoke of one cigarette would not harm the environment” remember that millions of other people like you are saying the same.

You made it difficult for the non-tobacco consumer and made them a passive consumer of tobacco. That scarf around our noses is not helping, we can still feel the foul smell and the tobacco particles irritating our gut.

If you think that a cigarette between your two fingers looks cool, you are wrong. It’s unattractive to us and majorly harmful for your body. More than 10 million Indians die every year because of consumption of tobacco products and millions are spent on the production of this poison.

On 31st May, No Tobacco Day is observed to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of tobacco on health. Every day should be observed as no tobacco day. Start choosing your health and environment over tobacco.

“Your lungs are changed forever from your first cigarette – Loni Anderson”

Article Contributed by Renu Kotwal