Wednesday, February 19, 2020

City of Jordan

There’s a madness that lingers in the streets of Jordan.

She walks around unwatched and unarmed.

In the embrace of the lonely lovers in the corner, she moans and cries out loud.

There’s a madness in the houses of Jordan and she hides in the nitty-gritty corners.

She peeks out from the cracked door to the haunting everyday tale of mistakes and what it takes to put a loaf of bread on the table every day.

There’s a madness in the lights of Jordan. And she shines unharmed and untouched.

The day takes away all its charm but it doesn’t hide in the lonely moonless nights.

There’s a madness less obvious in the language of Jordan.

It envelopes itself in the everyday slang and jumps like a frog in the pond from the lips of the faraway traveller.

There’s a sadness in the roads of Jordan.

And it catches on the feet of the traveller trying to leave.

There’s a sadness in the food of Jordan and no matter what the traveller eats, it’s never fulfilling.

There’s a sadness in the faces of Jordan and they reflect in the traveller’s eyes.

There is only one truth that has touched the walls of Jordan

And it’s that… everybody lies and dies.

The city of Jordan sleeps unaware of the fate that’s yet to befall.

But all the guts of Jordan know it inside, of the past,  the present is about to recall.


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