CUJians strongly condemn brutal attack on girl student

We, the Students of Central University of Jammu strongly condemn the brutal and cowardly attack by a youth stalker on one of the girl students of our institution.

A girl student from our university was kidnapped, tortured and severely beaten up by a stalker. She was abandoned in a near death situation and survived only because of her sheer grit and will power.

We salute to her bravery for surviving such a preposterous attack and her will to tell her story, raise her voice and make sure that justice is done.

The attacker had reportedly beaten up the young girl and slit her wrists with a blade to write his name on it. Just another product of a sick patriarchal mind which believes that a woman is a property that can be branded with a name.
Women are human, have equal rights and duties just as any man. They equally have a right to safe roads, streets and all public places. They have a right to go to the schools, colleges and universities.

Considering that the girl was abducted from around the university premises, we demand from the university administration that they should arrange for a safe and secure environment for the students and install cameras and security guards around those areas which are highly risk-prone. This would make the students feel secure and allow them to walk without fear.

We also demand from the government that strict action should be taken against the culprit. He should be immediately terminated from his service.

#Stalking is Crime #Woman Is Not Property #Human Before Woman #Male Chauvinism Down  #Patriarchal Mindset Down #Justice4Her

Opinion article written by a student of Central university, Jammu