DC Jammu delays permission for Amarnath Yatra Bhandara in Bhagwati Nagar


Jammu, June 24: The Amarnath Yatra Bhandara is to be set up for the Yatris in Bhagwati Nagar starting 29th June 2019 but surprisingly, the permission has still not been granted despite there being only four days left.

The Shree Shiv Shakti Vaishno Sewa Mandal told StraightLine that the trucks containing material for the Bhandara have to move from Delhi and then it will take a few more days to set up the Bhandara. The permission should have been granted by no but there is an unnecessary delay on part of Jammu administration.

When they contacted DC Jammu asking for an explanation for why the permission has been delayed, he allegedly responded by saying that it was being typed.

Previously, the Baba Barfani Amarnath Langar Organisation had protested over an order that the  trucks will not be allowed to cross the Jawahar tunnel before 21st June, following which the order was retracted.