Deepika Singh Rajawat joining politics soon

Deepika Singh Rajawat

Pallavi Sareen

Jammu, April 17: Deepika Singh Rajawat, the lawyer in Rasana case has decided to join politics. After Talib Choudhary, the tribal rights activist who highlighted the Rasana case joined PDP on April 1, Advocate Deepika has also decided to take the plunge.

“I want to join a party that takes into account all regions and all religions. Talib always had political aspirations and I don’t know what Baji (Mehbooba Mufti) has in her mind for him. But I won’t be considering any regional political parties,” said Deepika Singh Rajawat.

In an exclusive conversation with The Straight Line, Deepika revealed that the year 2018 gave her a reality check of the system in Jammu and Kashmir in terms of what it still lacks. She spoke about the growing need for female voices in politics.

She said, “It is shameful when any female minister or political leader is trolled. The recent event with Smriti Irani should put the political fraternity at shame. We are constantly hearing derogatory remarks from political leaders in their speeches. The respect that women should deserve is still lacking and that is because no one takes a stand and condemns these acts outrightly.”

Deepika Singh Rajawat remained a journalist for a couple of years and is now an Advocate in Jammu & Kashmir High Court.

Condemning the level of politics in India, she said that political parties need to thoroughly read their own manifestos. She believes that India must rise above religion-based politics.