Frootloops on the floor

A stream of consciousness story

Yeah, I’m here.
I never asked you to be, said he.
If I always did what you wanted, I would never be what I’m meant to be.
There’s a dream that I see, spread out larger than the sea. It’s so vast, yet so thin. It can’t be felt by the breeze.
But it is so huge and profound and it deafens me, the sound. It’s so loud, it’s so overwhelming..
Stop. Fine. What was the movie timing?
One deep breath and she’s back again. The illusion shattered, the subconscious retreated.
Same old boring action movie. The villain survived in this one.
It always survived in her story.
It always won, in her mind.
It always took over when she tried not to feel. The villain, it’s name..just within reach….
Wow, what a boring movie. Can’t believe you had me waste my time on that!
Blinks. Breathes. Walks again.
Time is such an abstract concept. She kept losing time as one loses friends. But if you lost them, were they really your friend at all? And the time that gets lost, does it ever find its way back home or does it stall? And wait, and jump through the loop or bend and break and..

Did you forget to buy fruitloops?

She wasn’t really a good girlfriend at all. Getting lost in her head, more often than not.
She didn’t know what he saw in her. Why did he stick around, or was it her? Who just wouldn’t let go of him..could she? If it stretched too thin, the bond. She could feel it solid for now. Even touch it, put her hands through and around.
Her hands and the places they’d been. The things she had touched, many not even be existing.
DOROTHY! Can’t you hear? Your phone’s ringing!
It’s mum again, asking if she has eaten a bite. She forgot but she told her, it was something light. She doesn’t know if she could call herself a liar or honest, for she didn’t remember stuff, though she did try her best. And now she forgot again, what she was thinking or where she was walking to.
There was supposed to be a man with her that she was holding on to.
And when she held out her hand in the dark, it missed the mark..
It was gone, the dream and the spark.
She was lost, it had never been this scary before. What could she do? Alone, out here, she would die for sure.
Wake up. Wake up.
Dorothy, why are you sleeping on the floor?