Monday, July 6, 2020

Get rid of Summer Tan: Here’s How

Summer is at its peak and our favourite fruits, clothes and drinks are there for us now but so is our nemesis – tan. Most of the foreign countries that have cold weather for most time of the year enjoy sunbath and want tanned skin. They would use tanning sprays and what not to get the skin tone they desire. Because their tan will automatically go within 15 days of no sun exposure.

But, in a country like India, to get rid of tan is a difficult task. Tan, all in all, is a good thing for our skin, up to some extent, which most people do not understand.

When our skin gets in contact with the harmful UV rays, it creates a layer of protection to avoid further damage and causes an increase in the amount of melanin. That is why we see tanned skin.

But, if you are exposed to the sun for a very long time, it can damage your skin and its important pigments leading to sunburns and even cancer. We apply a lot of sunscreens with different SPFs to try to protect ourselves, but we are ageing our skin by experimenting unnecessarily.

When you apply sunscreens just a minute before going outside, it causes more harm than good to your skin. We must apply sunscreens or lotions at least 30 minutes before getting exposed to the sun and also, proper selection of SPF in our lotions is important.  The lighter the complexion is, the higher the SPF your skin requires. Sunscreens not only protect your skin from the sun, but also from the UV rays that we come in contact with apart from the sun, like from our smartphones, laptops and what not. So, make sure to apply sunscreen while at home as well.

Sunburn is another thing which most of the people are suffering from. For countering that, apply a lot of antiseptics, visit skin doctors and protect yourself by covering yourself using a number of scarfs, gloves, caps and goggles.

There are a lot of home remedies for tan removal as well and we must rely on them rather than depending on chemicals, especially the trending De-tan creams. Chemicals will harm your skin and though they may give instant results, the after-effects are something you would wish to avoid. Home remedies will be a little slow in showing results but will have long term benefits in giving you a healthy glowing skin.

All those dadi and nani ke nuskhe prove better than many creams available in the market and even those creams are now claiming to have those ingredients which our ancestors told us to use years ago.

Lemon and papaya are the sure shot de-tan products. Another important thing is to avoid sun contact. In today’s time, it is very difficult to avoid contact with the sun but instead, we can take some precautions to counter its effects.

Like you can apply aloe vera gel. It soothes your sunburn and can instantly give relief and protect our skin from getting damaged.

Tan brings dryness and the skin gets chapped. If your skin gets chapped, you can apply a scrub made from sugar, honey and a bit of green tea that can instantly get rid of chapped skin. You can also skip green tea but sugar is the most important ingredient. You should not regularly use scrubs, face packs etc. that are not homemade. If you use these outside products containing chemicals, your skin will get accustomed to it and it is harmful in the long run.

Lifestyle Article by Hiya Aneja


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