Go pamper yourself.

Today, we are all super busy and are unable to find the “me time”  or even manage a few constructive minutes with our families, our elders, or even our friends. Life is running so hectic with our faces staring at phone screens all the time that we sometimes even message or WhatsApp our family members or best friends to convey a message, avoiding calling or meeting up. We are so connected, yet disconnected. But after this incessant need to be constantly connected with the world, perhaps now there is a need to spend time with ourselves.

Who do you spend most of your time with? 24 hours a day, with yourself, right? So pampering yourself is super important.

Spend some me time with yourself, as it will heal you mentally, and you will feel more refreshed every day. Just take an hour or two off every day and chose to spend it with yourself. Nobody but you.

In that ‘me’ time, you can do whatever makes you happy. Bake something, paint something, eat chocolates, design or organise your room, make a designer piece  for your house, make some DIY (do it yourself) items, plan your next day, have conversations with your parents, read a book, write something, start writing in a dairy or just decorate it with collages, watch your favourite show with your siblings, enjoy a soothing spa, dance, exercise, practice yoga or meditate/

The easiest way to relieve stress and tensions of your day is to meditate and yes, drink green tea.

For better mediation experience, light a candle in a holder and put a bowl above it, then add a few drops of lavender essential oil and feel the stress oozing away but make sure not to use this aroma for more than half an hour as it will lead to a headache.

Have a spa at home. Just fill your bathtub with water, add rose petals, a few drops of essential oils and your favourite body wash. Lay there and use a home-made body scrub, face pack, hair pack and whatever suits you the best. Make sure to stay away from your phone but you can play some good music for the ambience.

Having some time alone and talking to yourself is the best therapy, which no doctor can give you. So make a promise to yourself that every day you will take some time out from the hectic world and enjoy.

This lifestyle article is written by Hiya Aneja.