Sunday, February 23, 2020

Indian Netizens tweets why #Modi_is_Liar

Renu Kotwal

Internet ban in some areas of India failed to stop the Twitterizens from expressing their opinion on the Citizenship Amendment Act. These cyber active people used their wit to show their take on Prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah’s contradicting statements.

The mismatch in the statements of Home Minister Amit Shah and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding National Register of Citizens (NRC) got viral on the internet.

NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act received huge criticism in India. University students across the country protested against the new amendment act.

#Modi_is_Liar trended on twitter on 24th of December 2019. People posted pictures of the prominent newspaper “The Telegraph” which used the lead headline “JUST WHO ARE YOU CALLING A LIAR, PM?” The clash between Prime minister’s and Home minister’s statements broke the internet with humorous tweets.

After CAA mess, BJP failed to win a majority in Jharkhand elections. Since people, news channels and critics are often labelled as “anti-nationals” if they post anything against BJP, the online community took a dig over this trend of declaring critics as “anti-nationals”.

Digital world democratizes the citizens as it reaches every corner of the world and this is not a lie.


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