Thursday, January 23, 2020

J&K Muslims are just pawns on the strategic chessboard of Pakistan

When we are enemy for a nation which was created on the name of ‘Islam’, why Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his ilk support terror and militant outfits seeking merger of Kashmir with Pakistan is a question which baffles you when homes of innocents are shelled along the line of control (LOC) or on the International Border.

We wept profusely when family of a militant was wiped out in Anantnag district of South Kashmir and we are narrating the tale of this family during the religious sermons delivered by highly learned religious scholars in our mosques across Kashmir valley. We like repeating ‘Oppression, Oppression’ here and there but we fall silent when the Gun or the bullet is Pakistani.

A family loses their bread earner and the orphan daughters are asking us all, why was our home shelled by the army of a nation which was created on the name of Islam? Our father is no more and we are Orphans and that too in times, when beasts of humanity do not hesitate in raping 1 year old baby girl. My argument may sound bizarre but this is the reality of the society of which we are a part.

Returning to Pakistan, one gets perplexed why the army of the Mamlikat-e-Khudadad (State Given by Allah) does not hesitate in killing even those who profess the same faith to achieve some strange strategic aims and ambitions. Though the state of Pakistan has always had aversion towards all other faiths, the state of Pakistani Hindus living in Sindh and Christians living in other parts of the country is a fitting example but when the state aims its guns at the innocents living along the line of control or on the international border, it clearly indicates that Pakistan uses religion as a tool to achieve strategic ambitions in Jammu and Kashmir vis-à-vis the growing might of indian state.

Pakistan has been following a policy of “thousand cuts,” against India. And Kashmiri youngsters are nothing but tools to achieve this strategic goal. The young Kashmiris inspired by you tube Jihadis of Pakistan and Middle East are picking up guns, releasing videos wherein they justify their cause and then, get killed at the hands of security forces. These young Kashmiris should explain what in Islam justifies collateral damage? What in Islam justifies killing innocents and unarmed civilians?

What in Islam justifies killing of security forces when they are unarmed and when they cannot retaliate in equal measure? What in Islam allows killing a holidaying BSF Jawan? What in Islam allows planting an IED with intent to kill soldiers either returning home or on routine patrol? What in Islam justifies killing young and old, women and men, children and even new born babies to achieve strategic aims? What in Islam allows a Maulana to deliver emotive and provocative lectures which is equivalent to blackmail? What in Islam justifies keeping youngsters miles away from reality?

Where in Islam is picking up guns to liberate a piece of land justified? Where in Islam is space for celebrating killings be it of the commoners or the security forces? And how can Pakistan which is not even an Islamic state perse, claim of being sole custodian of a religion which established permanent peace in a state where even cock fights would lead to human causalities? Killing of innocents on the borders bear testimony to the fact that for Pakistan, every individual residing on Indian side is an enemy and every youngster picking up gun a pawn on its strategic chessboard.

Pakistan has nothing do with Kashmiris and if required, it won’t mind dropping a nuclear bomb over Kashmir if that would be of any strategic help. The sooner those who call Kashmir, jugular vein of Pakistan, realise this, the better it would be. A state where Sunnis kill Shia for their faith, Barelvis are after Deobandis and vice-versa, Salafis call all others non-believers and deviants; and killings are a matter of routine should not be the one we wish to be part of. Indian state with all its communal and caste issues is far better an option on any given day.

Indian state is more about winning an election and less about calling my faith more supreme than yours and killing innocents. It will for centuries continue to be a battle between secularism and communism, Right-wing and left-wing but it will never be allowed to boil down to a war between religions, fought with automatic weapons, bombs and rocket-launchers.

Indian state bows to electorate which is wise enough to understand who should be given the chance to rule and who should be condemned. Though he was hanged but it took Indian state 11 years to hang a member of the minority community allegedly involved Parliament attack convict. In Pakistan, the so-called Islamic state, none knows who is hanged where and why? Killings taking place all over Kashmir valley should open our eyes. And if they do not, none can save us from doom.




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