Thursday, May 28, 2020

JKPSC Chairman responds; rebuts all allegations of mass error, bungle

Pallavi Sareen

Jammu, Dec 10: Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) has rebutted all the allegations being levelled by the KAS aspirants who failed to qualify the main examination, results of which were declared recently.

“Those who have any grievance have the right to approach the commission and seek details of their answer sheets through Right to Information,” said Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) Latief-uz-Zaman Deva in an exclusive conversation with The Straight Line. He rebutted all the allegations and said that the commission follows all the best practices of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Chairman JKPSC assured that the Commission followed all procedures identical to that of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), its Central counterpart. The evaluation of MAINS examination is done digitally, leaving little to no scope of tampering or error, said Chairman JKPSC.

KAS aspirants have been protesting since the MAINS results was declared on 4th December alleging mass error or a mass scam in the exam evaluation. They have also apprehended that JKPSC has adopted an irrational and arbitrary methodology of scaling whereby many meritorious candidates have been ousted from the list.

In an attempt to clarify its stand on the matter, Chairman JKPSC Latief U Zaman Deva explained the procedure of exam evaluation. Digital checking involves scanning of the exam papers which are checked directly by the evaluator afterwards. Assuring that there are no issues in the final results, he also said that the procedure to be followed in case of any grievances is through an RTI after the selection procedure is over. Until then, no action can be taken in the matter.

“Nothing can be done as of now. According to Supreme Court guidelines, those who have doubts can get the same cleared once the selection process is completed. After the completion of selection process, the aggrieved can approach the commission and get their issues addressed,” said Deva.

“JKPSC must take strict cognizance of the matter and the entire result must be scrutinized. They have made mistakes even previously and we are sure there is something wrong this time around as well. We cannot wait till the recruitment process is over. By that time, damage will already be done. They are playing with our careers,” said Sakshi, a KAS aspirant.

Alleging mass error in KAS 2016 Mains Examination result, the aspirants who could not get through for the final interview, today protested against J&K Public Service Commission and demanded that the entire result must be scrutinized. It may be recalled that the KAS 2016 Mains examination was conducted from 2nd of July to 8th August, 2018 after a delay of one year.

The result of KAS 2016 Mains examination was declared on 4th of December where JKPSC via a notification dated 4.12.2018 shortlisted 963 aspirants out of the total 6427 candidates who appeared in the examination. Earlier, the entire KAS 2016 examination process was variously challenged in High Court at different stages, citing discrepancies and irregularities in the recruitment process.


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