J&K’s information deptt on PR overdrive, appeasing New Delhi boys

Huge building Jammu and Kashmir Information Department in Jammu has no space for debate, discussion, workshops and other literary and Journalistic events

TSL News Network

SRINAGAR, Nov 24: From the manner in which Information Department has been writing the handouts of the boys from New Delhi, it seems that the department is on a PR overdrive with officers trying their best to impress the two Advisors and the Chief Secretary.  

Even Ministers during the PDP-BJP coalition government would not get this kind of attention from the information officers of the state information department. Every word spoken by the two Advisors namely Krishnan Vijay Kumar and Kewal Kumar Sharma, both non-state subjects and the Chief Secretary, an expert from the naxal land is noted with rapt seriousness. Suddenly, the efficiency of the information department has increased ten-folds and it is working too hard.

The department needs to be complimented for this efficiency but the larger question is why elected democratic government representatives do not get this kind of attention from the state information department. An example of the efficiency is the handout issued by the department about a meeting held by Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam with the Mayor of Srinagar City Junaid Azam Mattoo where officers of the Divisional Administration, District Administration and the Srinagar Municipal Corporation were present.