Monday, January 27, 2020

Kota Factory a viral message to the young minds

Few days back, my teacher was talking about social media experiments and start-ups by commoners. The first name she mentioned was a pioneer Indian web series “permanent roommates”  produced by “THE VIRAL FEVER” founded by a group of IITians.

The same day when I opened  Youtube in my phone, the first recommendation was “Kota factory”, a web series by “The viral fever”. “Kota” a place famous in India among medical and non-medical  aspirants. Being a science student, I got the idea what could be the Kota factory. Maybe you too have guessed it already.

Kota factory is a story about the struggle and depression of a student who aspires to crack IIT. The story’s main character Vaibhav is a 90% holder and an IIT aspirant. Vaibhav comes from Itarsi (Madhya pradesh) to  Kota to fulfill his dream of getting admission in IIT. He is bright but still fails to get admission in a top coaching centre called “Maheshwari”. He gets admission in “Prodigy” another top factory in Kota which  claims to produce the toppers.

The motivational charcater in the series is Jeetu Bhaiya, top physics teacher of Kota with seven zeros in his salary. Vaibhav is in Kota because his friend Piyush is in Kota too and Vaibhav wants to study in a competitive environment. In the beginning, the autodriver who was driving Vaibhav and his father from one coaching institute to another narrates the past and present of Kota.

He says that Kota is the only city where Nokia is still more popular than Samsung. He meant that students use simple phones over smart phones in Kota. The funny thing he adds to his narration of Kota is that there are students and students everywhere in Kota, throw a pebble and it will definitely hit a student.

Kota is the only city where nobody watches ”Big boss”. The connection with family, friends, IPL, everything is lost and you become a machine.

The genius physics teacher advises Vaibhav to not aspire so hard in such tender age. He says that these institutions are not teaching institutions but factories and business. Students are admitted in such institutions just to make money. Guarantee of IIT seats is only in advertisements and the primary focus of Kota coaching institutions is money. This money comes from the students who get either fascinated by the name “KOTA” or pursue science because of parental pressure. Lakhs of students score above 90% but the seats available in IITs are near to 6000.

Kota culture is ruining creativity of students. It is draining money and mental health of students. Some students go to Kota but never return. Kota Factory exposes the real face of coaching institutions. These institutions buy the top ranker’s name and add it to their student list. Jeetu bhaiya who himself is part of this factory says “IT IS A FRAUD”.  Also, Jeetu Bhaiya in real too is an IITian.

The other characters are Meena who in real life is an IIT Bombay dropout. In web series, he plays a simple guy with geniune aspiration to become an IITian. He helps Vaibhav in everything. Meena is the most lovable character in the web series, his simplicity and innocence is everything. In one scene he says, “Dosti koi revision thodi hai jo kerni hi hai”.  Uday is another friend of the main character Vaibhav. He is in Kota just for his parents. He has no desire to become an IITian but he wants to keep his father’s heart who is an IRS officer. His girlfriend Shivangi is an aspiring doctor. They are the bubbly characters but at the same time Uday is the best advisor to Vaibhav. He advises Vaibhav to join Maheshwari when Vaibhav passes the entrance exam of Maheshwari. He says that Maheshwari is better than Prodigy so he should not think of his friends but of his aim to crack IIT exam.

Our science teachers have discussed the bubbles and surface tension but what about the tension in young minds? Such pressure in young age is traumatising. The business of education needs a check since it is demoralizing students.

In one scene, the owner of Prodigy says that only toppers of the coaching classes are treated as students while the remaining students are only our bankers. All the scholarships, furniture comes from the money of those who are not genuinely interested in IIT and who are in Kota just because of peer or parental pressure.

So when and why should you go to Kota?  The fact is clear, only when you genuinely want to become an IITian and want to give it your all. Do Not become a banker to the Kota factory.

Parents should watch this web series too and break the hegemony. This world doesn’t need only doctors and IITians.

This web series is released in between the declaration of 10th and 12th class board results.

The viral fever really wants to give a message to the young minds. All of you are sparks, don’t dilute it.

Article contributed by Renu Kotwal


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