Letter to a soul sister: Train diaries

To my Mirrored soul sister

Have you ever met a person and felt like you were looking at yourself? Only they are the living breathing personification of all you are along with all you wish to be.

I saw you sat next to me and I didn’t think much of it. I knew we’d strike up an occasional conversation and It’ll be interesting because of the difference in our nations.

But I heard you. You are just like me in some prospects and exactly who I’d wish to be in other. 

But we didn’t even have to talk to come to that realisation. When you and I sat face to face with each other, each of us lost in the pages of a book, just existing in that same moment lost in another world was enough for me to know the concrete truth.

We were destined to cross paths. I’m better off living in my mundane existence knowing that my wishes COULD come true because you’re living the dream I’ve seen.

To travel the world and sometimes with the people you care about. To find the one person in life with whom you share this dream and someone who understands when you gotta go off on your own.

It’s so wonderful to have met you because I’m even more determined to do what I wish now.

And on top of all that, you were kind, compassionate and so nice.

Qualities I don’t think I’ve seen many people extend towards strangers. I am the same way, did you know? Could you tell?

I just regret that we didn’t have much time together. But I hope when we cross paths again, if we ever do, it’ll be when I’m also living the life I wish I did.

Maybe we’ll go to a music fest together, wearing similar shades, feeling the vibe.

But it’s a huge maybe.

What I know for sure though is that today couldn’t have gotten any better.

My first letter to a stranger ACTUALLY found its way to the stranger it was intended for.

Here’s to making weird faces and ranting hard about our favourite movies.


The girl you called gorgeous.