Letter to the girls who own the world


Dear you, 

You are gorgeous in the way all girls are. The ones who walk into a room and own it without owning everyone’s gaze, who don’t look into a mirror because they don’t need to, who drive half the world crazy with their curls, who invoke the testimony of ‘Oh my God’ with their smile, who look as magnificent with no makeup as a blank canvas, alluring and entirely whole, who don’t need to be reassured about their skin or their body by marketers sitting in a closed room selling beauty creams in a world full of racists.
You are strong in the way all girls are, facing more than ‘male gaze’ and years worth of oppression, fighting every day for your rights, your smiles, your worth and everything that was supposed to always belong to you.
And I see it all and write and paint these resilient faces with ink on my pages. I write letters to all these magnificent women to commemorate how entirely beautiful they are and always should be, not in how they look, but in how they are.
And I tell you, Girl, the world should be yours. So make it.

The Pallavi