Sunday, April 5, 2020

Letter to the world leaders – Okay, boomer?

Letter to the world leaders,

The new decade has just started and World War 3 is already trending on twitter. I just read news about 23000 flying foxes dying due to a heatwave and the highest number of babies being born on New Year’s Eve in India. Do you see where I am going with this? You have made a mess of the world we millennials have tried to make a bit better.

Today as we step out on the roads with banners in our hands to get you to focus on climate change or stop dividing our country on the name of religion, or to ask you to do something against the increasing rape rate across the world, we wish to tell you that we have struggled to survive in the decade that passed. Don’t make the next decade even harder.

These are our make or break years and we are tired of you taking your attention to other less important matters like who is backstabbing you or planning to get you off the chair.  We care more about our education getting more expensive than our neighbour’s devious plans. We care more about the youngest female Prime Minister doing something to curb crime against woman. We can be religious, agnostic or atheist. Don’t dare polarize us for your political mileage. We have shared a pizza together without asking our classmate’s caste or religion.

And today we share a protest together.

And we will continue to pressure you into fixing what you wish to make worse. Okay, boomer?

Yours truly

Gen Y


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