Mosquito larvae in drinking water in Central University Jammu


JAMMU, AUGUST 2: Students of the Central University of Jammu are drinking water full of thousands of mosquitoes larvae. Environmental science department took some samples from the water coolers of CUJ to check the quality of water. They found it misfit for drinking purpose even for animals.

When the primary source of the water was checked, it was found that dogs were drinking water from the same water tanks. The water purifiers are not working properly. The water coolers were cleaned but the primary water tankers are still the source of water to dogs. It is a breeding space for mosquitoes. Students are already suffering because of poor roads and no transport facilities.
Now CUJ administration is playing with the health of the students too. Students come to Central Universities from all parts of India and Central University of Jammu administration has harmed the reputation of a Central government-funded institution by not providing any facilities which the students deserve.

Some sources are saying that its grade is decreasing as well. No playground, no sports facilities, no roads, no student welfare and shamefully not even potable water for the students has been provided. Administration buys packed water for themselves and manages to reach University by cars but what about poor students who are struggling day and night to complete their education in such an unhealthy environment.
University is mentally harassing students and violating their basic rights. Students are also facing warnings to reach University exactly at 10 am or else their attendance will not be marked. Some students are walking up to 10-16 km to reach University. For how many issues will the students continue to fight – Transport, academics, attendance or water?