Friday, July 3, 2020

Mumbai beaches narrate untold stories; listen

Archana Aroor

We all know that Mumbai is a hub for commercial activities. A city like a melting a pot and surrounded by water on its four ends. During the recent years, no doubt that the destination has attracted several businessmen and it has played a pivotal role in almost contributing to the country’s growing economy.

It would be interesting to note that this city has been the center of attraction for tourists from various parts of the world. People from different parts of the country visit the city to experience and enjoy splendid coastal view and cuisines. Sound of the waves, amazing sunset and the cool breeze are usual pictures that one has etched in their minds. The city has many beaches and all of them have paved a way to uphold social values.

For instance, Mumbai’s Chowpatty in its sheltered cove is one such popular spots for most of the families, teenagers, children and couples. After a long frantic work schedule, it is obvious that people certainly look forward to spending their weekends with the loved ones and meet each other where they feel a cozy environment. Therefore, beaches have become their essential part of life for a sabbatical period.

The reasons may be many. In this fast-paced life of a metro where people hardly devote time for themselves, the extended families tend to make a short trip to Chowpatty to get a different aura of life, particularly in the evenings. Evenings are considered favorable time for any of them to run after water as it creates a lively atmosphere amidst lighting.

One of the striking features of the beach culture is that it stands above all social discriminations. A place, which brings people from a different sect, caste, creed and religion. They forget distinguished version of the class of the society and stand together as the thoughts are swayed by when the toe takes a dip onto the Sea-water freeing all the illusions of the mind.

Here one may find lady with Burkah, other women clad smartly in Jeans and traditional outfits. A boy or girl building turrets out of the sand, A beggar’s child picking up the broken twigs and torn out plastics, while some collecting seashells. Also, Vendors selling out coconuts, Bhel-Puris, Paani-Puris, roasted nuts and corn. A few of the kids running down to the water and back to their parents who are seated on laid-out newspapers.

One could even see the couples with the hands held tightly engrossed in the romanticism aloof from the rest. Meanwhile, the view of street children playing tricks with the ropes and spinning wheels whereby swinging of the wheels downward and upward faster and quicker, monkey trainers, the snake charmers and the astrologers adds a flavour to inward bliss. Splattered with a multifarious chaat and Gola Stalls, one can even enjoy the Lip-smacking common snacks such as Vada pav, Samosas and Sev-Puris.

The beaches are the souls of Mumbai City. Therefore, it has become a habit for every common man to run towards the sea to relax where the atmosphere, more or less becomes lively in the evenings. On the other hand, it is very explicit that the city has several beaches in its claws to attract ‘n’ number of people irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion, though the beach culture does not remain the same everywhere.

But, one can obviously feel the unique and agog life of the sea-water. India is a land of diversities – A land where many rituals and customs flow in and they are considered to be the sacred part of life. Therefore, therefore, different religions have a tremendous host of festivals to celebrate. Interestingly beaches have been inter-connected with those festivals that which a vital role to shape-up ad moulds every thought of the common man.

Festivals like the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in most of the country, involves the immersions of the Lord Ganeshas idols into the sea-water. Unknowingly this has connected people to people from different sects to involve and celebrate it with great zeal. They dance and sing to the tunes and walk through the winds of sand and water joining hands together to create a feeling of oneness from within.

Over the years this has become a trend for every individual to get carried away by the scenic beauty, but they find no reasons to give an explanation for trivial issues in their day to day life.


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