Saturday, July 4, 2020

My dear lord Rama, Charan Sparsh!

Dear lord Rama

Charan Sparsh! In these frenzied times, I saw you in my dream. In fact, it was Arun Govil who came in my dream. While private entertainment channels have also cashed on your lordship, but it is Arun Govil I identify you more with. As you belonged to the iron age of primitive times, I also belong to the prehistory of modernity which was the era of Doordarshan.

I am writing this letter after going through so much unease. Please rein in your pseudo bhakts who are onto mayhem creating spree in your name. They are defiling your name by killing people, raping women and destroying syncretic culture which you always celebrated. In fact, you had asked your brother Lakshmana to seek knowledge from Ravana, your opponent. You always gave the best examples from your life as to how you left the throne in order to be respectful to your parents.

On the other hand, your bhakts have renounced their wives and parents in order to get the share in power and politics. Don’t you see it as a contradiction? I have a question for you. Don’t you feel smothered living in a house made up of concrete and cement? I always imagined you as an entity who is present everywhere. I always thought abodes are for lesser mortals like me and your pseudo bhakts.

Then why is there hue and cry for building your abode? Do you really need one?  Did you not live in the Babri mosque prior to its demolition? If yes, you must have been left homeless. I am really sorry about this. If no, then why did you allow your house to be demolished by your devotees? You are God and you love Muslims, Christians and Sikhs alike. I am sure you don’t discriminate against human beings on the basis of their constructed religions.

I also saw you crying in the dream. Why were you crying, my lord? Did you feel pained when one of your pseudo bhakts dared to defy Newtonian gravity when he hurled a three-year-old toddler in the sky? The kid didn’t fall in the lap of the mother earth. He was hung on the Trishul like a rainbow. Did you really teach them such classy skills of wielding weapons? I could see tears coursing down your cheek. Suddenly you started telling me anecdotes from your Baal Kaand, of how you were bitten by a snake and you let it go. You didn’t kill it.

Lord, sometimes I feel like regurgitating on the face of this world. How come as an Avatar of Vishnu, you are perennially sustaining this world?  How long shall I be fooled by this Leela? Lord, please do something. Save this world from your pseudo bhakts. This is the high time. If they succeed in constructing your temple, they will chain you against the wall as Plato chained his characters in his allegory of the cave. They will deprive you of the light, reason and the highest good.

I see you in the dohas of Kabir when he chants- dashrath ke ghar brahma na janme eei chhal maya keenha. I feel so elated when I don’t partition you between bhakts and a biological father. To me, you shall always be belonging to the Nirguna tradition of bhakti– without shape, without any parentage (as you are our parents) without attributes (as attributes can be construed as bad as well) and without a name. Then I can always call you by different names.

Your bhakts say they are protecting age-old culture of Hinduism. Do you also believe in all this? Was your culture really exclusivist? Didn’t you have the political culture enshrined beautifully in ramrajya where lions and goats could drink water from the same source?

I want to hear from you soon. Please take out some time from your busy schedule and reply.

Your trying to be human bhakt,

Rashid Ali

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