Wednesday, January 29, 2020

On Kashmir, Nadaan said this in United States of America

Nadaan had been invited to deliver inaugural address of Kashmir summit being at Washington in United States of America (USA). Agog over the invitation extended to him, Nadaan packed his bags and boarded a flight to America. Nadaan got the taste of American hospitality when he was forced by the security agencies to remove even his undergarments at the airport in Washington, justifiably for security reasons. 

A perplexed Nadaan did protest but failed to convince the security agencies that he was not a security threat. “See sir, I am clean shaven Muslim. I also filled-up form at American Embassy in India hailing all your steps for world peace including invasion of Iraq. I am among those who justify every American action intended at securing their homeland from terrorist attacks,” Nadaan told them.

However, his pleas went unheard. An irritated Nadaan began cursing American security agencies for their abusive behavior. At the hotel, his luggage was scanned thrice after the staff came to know that Nadaan was a Muslim. Inside the hotel room, Nadaan being tech savvy noticed cameras installed at every nook and corner of his room. He sought to question the same but preferred to remain silent since he had learnt a lesson at the airport.

Nadaan made up his mind neither to change his clothes nor to go to bathroom. “They have a technological edge. They can film me while changing clothes and then blackmail me throughout my life for being involved in a scandal. In an emotionally surcharged atmosphere at my home, who would listen to the reality? Better is not to take a risk of changing clothes,” promised Nadaan to himself.  

Next day, without even brushing his teeth, Nadaan reached the venue of the summit. He was stinking badly since he had neither gone to the toilet not used the bathroom. He showed the invitation card and was reluctantly allowed inside the hall. Stinking Nadaan began annoying the organizers as soon as he entered inside the hall. Those who knew him did ask him about the filthy clothes he was wearing.

They asked him a barrage of questions but he preferred silence over being abusive to American hospitality. Chairman of the summit gave him an Indian perfume which he applied to prevent the stink from spoiling the mood of attendants. All spoke at length about American role in resolving Kashmir and specifically praised President Obama for extending an olive leaf to Muslim nations across the globe.

Nadaan thrice thought of rebutting speakers praising America but since he knew, he was going to deliver a speech over the issue, kept mum. Chairman called up Nadaan to deliver his lecture. Nadaan opening remarks stunned the entire audience sitting in the hall. He said “O! My fellow brothers all of whom have been stripped Naked at American airport for being Muslims, I find no reason in discussing Kashmir in a country where trust deficit has increased in magnitude with each passing day after 9/11,”.

He went on “A nation which does not trust its own people, how can it help in resolving vexed Kashmir issue. They are stripping people just after one incident. We, both India and Pakistan, are yet to do anything similar or equal to this. And if ever such a human rights violation would take place in our nations, it would lead to a national debate.”

Elaborating on this, Nadaan said “American interests are economy and military oriented which is in sharp contrast to our interests. We, both in India and Pakistan, have people oriented interests and hence, it is the public issues which make or mar governments in our nations unlike the American’s where economic issues play decisive role.”

Without lengthening his speech, Nadaan ended it with these words “India and Pakistan must learn to trust each other since both have common interests, common goals and common issues. I would urge the organizers of this summit to prefer Indian and Pakistani cities for organizing summits on Kashmir. Believe me, hail mogamabo (read America) policy has given us (read India and Pakistan) nothing and instead compounded our miseries.”


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