Postpaid phones to start working in Kashmir from Monday

Straight Line News Network

Srinagar , Oct 12: People with postpaid mobile connections in Kashmir will finally be able to make calls starting Monday as the communications blockade imposed on Jammu and Kashmir before revocation of its special status will be lifted. Internet connectivity, however, will remain suspended for now.

“Mobile phone connections, to be specific, all postpaid mobile phone connections, irrespective of service provider, will resume from Monday – October 14th at noon. This will happen across the state, in all 10 districts of Kashmir,” Jammu and Kashmir Principal Secretary Rohit Kansal said at a news briefing.

“The restrictions were imposed so that externally aided terrorism does not lead to a loss of lives. These measures ensured no unnecessary loss of life. This is remarkable given what happened in 2008, 2010, and 2016,” Mr Kansal said.

He also said that political leaders who have been detained will be gradually released, adding it was a “dynamic process”.

The advisory preventing tourists from visiting the state was lifted from Thursday.

Last month, the government restored landline , however, few of these telephones serviced by government-run operator BSNL are used at homes. The restrictions had left local residents frustrated and disrupted essential services and businesses.