Press Club of Ladakh Kargil Condemns arrest of press TV Journalist Marzieh Hashmi

TSL News Network

Kargil, Jan 22: While expressing solidarity with the press TV Journalist and Condemning her arrest in the US on 13 January 2019, in the frontier region of Jammu and Kashmir Press club Ladakh Kargil  organized a press conference.

In this regard a press conference was organized despite of harsh cold in Kargil ,  during which briefing to the media on behalf of the Press Club Sajjad Kargili said that the Press Tv has exposed the US unjust policies and exposed its true face to the world and that’s why that Marzieh Hashmi was arrested without given any reason by the US authorities.

He further said that Marzieh Hashmi’s arrest was actually US attempt to suppress the dissent voices in the country .

“ Earlier, The world was not  fully aware about that Daesh and Taliban Created by US in Afghanistan and they also destroyed Syria and Iraq but it was Press Tv which has exposed it and shown to the world that US is behind all these terrorist organizations’ creation and support”. Sajjad said

He further said that the world is now much aware about the US political agendas in the world and their influence is now not visible much as before that’s why US is very much anguish and they are trying to suppress all the voices against them.

Press club of Ladakh  Kargil also demands to the world community and Human rights activists across the globe to rise up against the US Policies and support Marzieh Hashmi for her release.