Thursday, May 28, 2020

Qualifiers narrate their side of story in JKPSC mess

Dear Reader, 
We are finally forced to write about the KAS 2016 mains exam result in light on how events are shaping up and to repudiate the totally baseless & vicious narrative that is being crafted carefully to derail the interview process.
This post does not need hundreds of likes or comments of anyone. All it needs is your ears to listen to what needs to be told. Have patience and read till the end.
There is no denial that peaceful protests are integral to democracy. It is a normal phenomenon and in fact an indicator of healthy democracy. But the present situation of making hue and cry, false allegations every single day to cover one’s incompetence is setting no better example.
Success in any previous KAS mains exam or any other exam does not guarantee automatic berth to anyone or make you the so-called ‘deserving candidate’ in next year exam.  It simply means that either your efforts, notes or the methods of studying have outlived their utility and become redundant.
Leave aside 12 or 1300 marks, even if one scores perfect 1900 out of 1900 in the previous exam, it does not guarantee in any way that he/she will even be able to clear next year’s mains exam.
When 6000 people writing mains this time had to be eliminated out of appearing 7000 as per procedure/rules of the exam for interview stage, how can everyone get an entry. This very eliminating nature of exam makes it difficult to crack.
But the scenario is our state turning altogether different, some (we again emphasize the word ‘some’ with all due respect to those countless genuine candidates who could not make it to next stage but embraced the reality positively) candidates who could not digest their failure have started a new drama for maligning the selection process.
It deeply hurts every qualified candidate to see multiple wild conspiracy theories being mindlessly manufactured every second day & put forward such as ‘mass error theory’ which says ‘undeserving candidates are in and we deserving are out’, then ‘blue eyed theory’ based on ‘we have inside information that political connections worked’ argument, ‘something is fishy’ theory by those who don’t know what is actually happening but still want to participate in campaign, ‘coding-decoding error’ theory and the latest ‘digital checking worked against us’ theory based on blue ink/black ink’ argument and what not. These are the some highly sophisticated arguments of our ‘potential bureaucrats’ of future. They fail to realize that the rules of game were same for all the candidates.
Even after being asked for candidate wise representations to re-check if there is any remote possibility of error by JKPSC, today they have crossed the limits by creating a ruckus on roads of Jammu just to create sensationalism. Do these actions mirror the mindset of a genuine aspirant ?
The real truth fuelling this behaviour is their fear that if we could not make it in these 277 posts, then how will we ever get into 50/70 or say 90 posts in future which is the normal trend. If the ink color of the pen could fetch the marks, then we too would have shut our books and brains and start purchasing rainbow coloured pens for highest marks. But we know it doesn’t work that way. Ultimately, quality of words written of the sheet matters.
How can a candidate in his right mind possibly can underestimate and downplay the other competitors so easily?  Someone rightly remarked once ‘Over-confidence is the way to give your soul to the devil an inch at a time.’
Although everyone knows that these rumours & conspiracy theories are completely speculative and groundless but such hypocrisy and double standards are well expected from these self-claiming ‘deserving aspirants’. Going by their logic, tomorrow I will name my son/daughter ‘Deserving Ahmed Khan’ and lay his automatic claim on KAS posts of 2040.
There is a high probability that those making these claims have also not been able to clear latest prelims exam for 70 posts held in September 2018 (efforts were made to delay this exam also by filing frivolous litigations). With no future option left today, they have now resorted to blatant misinformation campaign on social media for moulding public opinion.
To our surprise even those who failed in the very first prelims stage held in March 2017 (nearly 29000 candidates failed) have joined the bandwagon with a vicious intention of quashing/sabotaging the whole exam progress as they see their interest in re-advertisement of these 277 posts.
So different shades of interest groups are now active and each one is trying level best to invent alternative routes to secure another ticket to the destination. We honestly suggest all these aspirants harden their emotional fortitude and just prepare better to compete with the better.
Secondly, since the last 3-4 years, there has been a definite pattern. Every time result of any stage of exam comes out, a ‘deferment gang’ already into existence becomes active to exploit the sentiments of ousted candidates and delay the recruitment process.
Dedicated ‘closed’ social media groups are formed where the ‘leaders’ mobilize financial resources as well as decide new narrative to circulate for delaying the process. There is a full-scale attempt of hijacking the selection process and sabotaging the credibility of constitutional institutions of our state.
Today what we saw was a clear manifestation of last 14 days planning for fomenting pressure artificially. Their immediate objective is to create as much sensationalism as possible in next 7 days to derail the interview process.
But they must know that this propaganda outsourcing business which they have started is hard to market because it lacks truth and substance and will ultimately make more wounds.
Our message to all qualified candidates – do not get dejected and demoralised by the negative commentary being posted 24/7 on various facebook groups. We tell you that even after 2-3 years, you will still find them here justifying their incompetence. Have faith in the system which has been put in place to ensure justice. But at the same time, start preparing to unite and fight for the cause as they will try their best to drag this till the very end. Nobody can snatch your hard earned opportunity to face interview on basis of false rhetoric and conspiracy theories. It is not some wrestling competition where one can apply brute force to win.
It is our heartfelt request to all in-service KAS officers, print/digital MEDIA, teachers and every eminent person of state who believe in our hard work (started since last 5-6 years for some & atleast 3 years for rest) to show their support/solidarity for us as we are few in numbers and secondly left with very less time to concentrate on interview preparation. None better than you can understand how much pain, effort and sacrifice one goes through to reach this stage.
Finally, we request to the Honourable Governor, JKPSC as well as the respected members of State Judiciary to set an example once and for all to deter this subversive behavior for future and let this recruitment process (pending since last 2.5 years) proceed towards faster completion.


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