Sunday, July 12, 2020

Rahul Lie, Modi Lie and Oxford Dictionary

LIE – the most meaningful word in the dictionary of politicians especially during election times. They produce lies, bake lies and serve lies while their followers try their best to sell these lies and earn votes of the public.

In a recent tweet, Rahul Gandhi the PM candidate of Indian National Congress lied about the word “MODILIE”.

According to Rahul, the word “MODILIE”  is now added to the prestigious OXFORD word dictionary. Through this tweet, he was referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He posted a snapshot of the word and posted some Smileys. The smileys turned into a sad emoji when Oxford dictionary official Twitter handle replied to Rahul Gandhi that no such word exists in their dictionary.

Modi fans backfired and trolled Rahul Gandhi. His PR forgot the check, double check and recheck principle. No surprise, after all, it is Rahul Gandhi’s PR. Someone trolled Congress president by saying “International bhejti”.

So while our soldiers are busy protecting borders and farmers are growing food for us, the sweepers sweeping the garbage and artists and sportsperson winning INTERNATIONAL titles, the politicians are busy spreading INTERNATIONAL lies.

Can democracy survive in the web of lies?

A democracy where people are arrested for posting memes? Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal is threatening people to not vote for BJP and avoid using “Jai Shri Ram”.

Congress and BJP leaders are posting memes to let each other down and acting like teenagers while teenagers are hacking websites for fun. This is the present scenario of India. Where comedians are doing politics and politicians are doing comedy. PM candidate is sharing lies and fake snapshots and his PR is covering him by saying “Ho gya toh Ho gya”

The MODILIE tweet is still on Rahul Gandhi’s twitter profile (11:10 am, 17.05.2019). This indicates we don’t care about the international beizzati. We are here to spread lies, big lies and international lies. The pledge of politicians to fool India’s people is going strong.

Politicians are sending each other memes, sharing their personal life instead of talking about public issues. The drama is high. Even birthday cakes are not spared. Instead of “Happy Birthday” politicians are cutting and eating cakes with “Chowkidar hi chor hai” and when media questions they say things which a journalist can’t write.

The vulgarity trait in Indian politicians is increasing with speed of light the capacity of fooling and spreading lies was already high and it got a digital boost through JIO network.

So this is the digital India we were talking about. “Make in India” is now “Memes in India”. Meme content generation credits to honourable politicians. “Digital India” is now “Let down India”. International Indian leaders are now International liars.

Rahul lie or Modi lie, let us take a moment and think to whom they lie? Their lies are for the “Kursi” or for the public’s good? Well, lies can never be good.  Democracy is now a lie and politics is a joke in India.

The article is written by Renu Kotwal

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