Shades of women – A Photoessay

A photostory by Pallavi Sareen

A young girl by the roadside lit up by sunlight


Laxmi, begging on the streets of Jammu
Rohingya Refugee in Camps in Jammu

A young girl living near the bus stand in Jammu

A beautiful young girl in Hijab

A school girl watching things with an amused face
Chahukeshi – A young writer
Shweta Thakur – An Athlete with many medals to her name
Jahan Geet Singh – Dhol Girl of India
A nomad cooking inside a makeshift home
Shades of motherhood- 1
Shades of motherhood – Homeless
Shades of motherhood- 3
Deepika Singh rajawat with her daughter
Shades of Motherhood- 5
Shades of Motherhood- 6
Neetu Bali- A jewellery designer and entrepreneur in Jammu
Females working in Radio Sharada
Woman selling helmets on the roadside
Woman washing clothes on the roadside
Woman cooking on the roadside
A sick old homeless lady
An injured woman
Homeless – 1
Homeless- 2
A pair of nomads