Srinagar among the top most polluted 20 cities of the world.

A recent data from the World Health Organisation shows that India’s 14 cities are amongst the top most polluted cities of the world. BJP government advertised a lot about its initiative “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. Most of the Netas of BJP posted their photos with a broom in hand, but was the broom in hand only for the photographs and media attention?

Shockingly “SRINAGAR” is among the top most polluted 20 cities of the world and PM Modi’s constituency Varanasi tops the list after Delhi. Not most polluted cities in only India, but across the world.

At least the data shows that the cleanliness Abhiyan was not as impactful as it was portrayed by the mainstream media. Government alone cannot be blamed for this shameful result since the public is equally responsible. People litter plastic and polythene everywhere. Many people feed cows chapatis but nobody bothers when they eat plastic from the garbage bins. Since this data is out, we will have have to think 10 times before inviting any foreign friend to India.

If we talk about Jammu. It is polluted too. The foul smell is deadly and is in every corner of Jammu. If you have ever got a chance to visit Kalu Chak area, you would have witnessed the heaps of garbage and unbearable smell. There are mountains of plastic in our city too. The main city area is full of garbage and mice are the common rodent everywhere.

The country which talks about its greatness in Yoga and hygiene is a topper in pollution. The authorities and public have to come together to beat pollution or India will turn from yog guru to pollution guru in a few years. Time for strict action or rivers will turn acidic and trees will turn to ash.

Recently a new RJ in town posted on social media asking “Is there any galli in Jammu without dogs and Kachra?” How embarrassing is that for the people of Jammu and Kashmir!

Let’s accept the fact that government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and our selfies with brooms were total illusion and failure.

They say action speaks louder than selfies and words. Somewhere on a wall, it was written in grand alphabets “MERE BHARAT MAHAN” followed by small alphabets “bnana padey ga”.

Article contributed by Renu Kotwal