The girl who eloped

Once there was a girl

Beautiful and innocent about twenty in age

Her Protectors confined her in a cage

A cage where all the work was done by her

Sometimes they called her princess but truly appreciated by none

She wondered if the walls around her would ever fall

Clever, the people around her were clever


She believed their words that the outside world is only dark and wild

Oh! the poor child

She never saw the night sky and the daylight.

She saw a hole in the wall

She peeped through it

Seeing a flower and a butterfly

a feeling in her heart said, break the cage, girl

You’ve wings. Go and fly

The next day she again peeped through the hole

She saw some souls

One of her mother, one of her sister

who died  long back in the same cage


With every passing day, she learned to speak

The walls around became weak and weaker

Clever, the people were clever

They knew that she has fire in her every word

One bad day they brought a sword

The walls were now weaker and the girl was ready to run

Along with swords, they brought a gun

Not afraid of the weapons, she was ready to break the chains


Clever, they were clever

She bled, she pleaded but all in vain

“Pain is better, This pain

Better than this cage”

With her last words,

the beautiful girl was dead

and people labelled her as “The shameless girl who eloped”

The poet wishes to remain anonymous.