The planet you call home

I was barren
I was lifeless
I was what you today call a “curse”. A home for lifelessness with no trace of life. I was there to burst everything into fragments. The fire used to dance and the suffocating smoke used to rise from every pore of my skin. I was millions of volcanoes ready to engulf everything. The rivers were of fire giving out all those things you call poison today.
I was all the lifelessness you could think about.
Before these beautiful birds and trees and rivers and animals and HUMANS, I was the mother of Volcanoes and dead.
Nuclear wars and melting glaciers, I’m crying.

No, not for you, humans. These wars and deserts and the rising heat just remind me of my old children, my old self.
All the times you thought you were destroying me, you were wrong my child. You were destroying yourself. I will be there with my volcanoes and heat. I don’t need these rivers and trees and clean air, I have survived what you can’t. Standing here, laughing at you, I’m earth. I cry for the rivers you polluted and animals you killed but I laugh at you because YOU ARE my most foolish child. I’m your mother who survived your Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I can survive millions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but You can’t.

Love, Earth

P.S: I’m not afraid of death because I existed when there was no life.