Saturday, July 4, 2020

Two year ban on Rasikh salam – Justified or not?

“Lost trust”. This is a comment I read below a post by a local news web portal which posted about the age fudging of a young cricketer of Jammu and Kashmir. Rasikh Salam Dar, a name which was on the tongue of every cricket lover in recent IPL season 2019. He astonished ace bowlers like Zaheer Khan and Irfan Pathan with his bowling. He was declared as the youngest cricketer ever selected in the IPL from Jammu and Kashmir. A piece of positive news from the otherwise gloomy valley.
He also got selected in the under 19 squad on June 9 for the tri-series in England but now there is a question mark on his age which may result into a 2-year ban and a life long humiliation.
IANS accessed the documents which revealed that Rasikh’s D.O.B in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association Board and his D.O.B registered in school documents are different.
BCCI may file a criminal case against all the players who have tampered with their D.O.B certificates.
If Rasikh Salam’s age fraud turns out to be true, then the young player may face serious enquiry and the new hope in the cricket grounds of Jammu and Kashmir may fade.
Jammu and Kashmir’s cricket players have no proper platform to showcase their talent. In history our participation in international cricket is negligible. Even when players from Jammu Kashmir are selected, they are not given enough chances. Take the example of Parvez Rasool.
The young players of Jammu and Kashmir never get proper grounds and types of equipment required as well as other resources.
Thanks to the corruption by Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association, Jammu Kashmir’s former Chief Minister and National Conference leader is still facing allegations of corruption in cricket funds for Jammu and Kashmir. The funds given by BCCI to Jammu and Kashmir cricket board are largely misused. The talented cricketers have no other option than playing for private cricket clubs. Prestigious newspapers like “The Hindu” “Indian express” “The Times of India” and many more covered the story of corruption in cricket funds by Jammu Kashmir’s political leaders and authorities but still no action followed.
“Lost trust” in authorities? Ministers? Cricket association? Justice?
People are demanding a ban on Rasikh Salam for D.O.B fraud but he got selected based on his talent and not based on his D.O.B certificate.
He should be punished in case he has manipulated things. But 2-year ban? No action for engulfing the future of Jammu and Kashmir’s sportspersons but a 2-year ban on a young cricketer who has just started in the field.
International cricket players who tampered ball in an international match in front of the camera and a big crowd were banned just for 6 months. IPL teams alleged of match-fixing bounced back after a season ban but here people want full-time ban for this lad of Jammu and Kashmir.
Maybe he will be thrown out of the under 19 squad for age tampering. Maybe all authorities act only on the less privileged while powerful enjoy even after playing with the future of the country.
The most surprising thing is the anger of people for this cricketer. They type all known hate words for this young player who brought glory to the state. 17 or 19 he got selected based on his talent despite all the odds.
Questioning his talent on the basis of his age is baseless. Sometimes even prominent cricketers fail to make it into the IPL.
We can have ministers with fake degrees, fake D.O.B certificates, criminal records in the parliament but can’t bear a talented cricketer whose Date of Birth is controversial by 2 years.
The Jammu and Kashmir Cricket association’s corruption case is still pending since 2011 but a quick ban is needed on Rasik Salam before his England tour.
Those who engulf the future of the whole country are speared but an alleged age feud is unforgettable and unforgivable and he should not be spared.
Only time will tell if the future is hopeful or is on the verge to sink for this young cricketer.

Article contributed by Renu Kotwal. This was written before the ban. BCCI finally banned him today for 2 years.

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