What type of exercise your body needs?

Exercise is a body activity that maintains and enhances the physical well being as well as the mental health of a person. It simply keeps you fit and improves your mental health.
Basic exercises are there which anyone can do with minimum time and efforts, easily at home, at your comfort level. Moving your body in one way or another helps in improving your mental well being and building confidence.

Walking :
Walking a minimum 40 minutes a day proves to be very beneficial as it reduces cholesterol levels, chances of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, blood pressure levels, osteoporosis and stress. Also, it helps in weight loss, improving stamina, building confidence, providing energy and increasing life span.

Running :
Little more energetic than walking, walking is a little slower than running. Running proves to be very beneficial and is very simple too. Just half an hour a day and you will see the results by yourself.

Skipping :
Most beneficial especially if you want to lose weight. If you are a lazy person or don’t have the energy or motivation to do all these, just try to start with 20 rounds and then increase eventually. Once you start doing all these, you will eventually start enjoying all these and this will lead you to crave a better lifestyle.

Sit-ups :
Also known as curl up, is an abdominal exercise used to strengthen up the muscles there. These have a fuller range of motion and condition additional muscles.

Crunches are abdominal exercise. Similar to a sit up but in a crunch, the lower back does never lays off the floor. Put your hands beside or behind the neck or crossed over the chest.

Aerobics, Zumba or any dance form you like :
Will lead to the burning of calories and at the same time, you will also enjoy. Moving your body makes it flexible which is very good for the overall body especially knees and joints.

Lifestyle article by Hiya Aneja.