Who is getting destroyed: Environment or you?

A five-year-old plucked leaves from a herb and buried the leaves in the soil. An elderly person told the kid that plants can grow only with roots, so stop burying the leaves. Either bury seeds or plant plants with roots. Sadly, the five-year-old didn’t know about Bryophyllum. But we, the elders despite knowing the facts related to global warming, pollution, ocean turning into acids and the temperature of earth rising each day are still not ready to take any impactful action.

Today, on world environment day, social media will get flooded with “Save Environment” posts but the people who will be posting save the environment and mother earth memes and slogans will be throwing plastic, polythene, garbage everywhere.

With magma and reducing atmosphere with ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane and many other poisonous gases, death was yet to be discovered as there was no life. YES! Our old earth was like this only. Our current actions will turn our mother earth again into a dead planet with only lava.

The temperature of the earth has increased by nearly 0.8°C which is alarming. The melting glaciers are not melting our hearts for the descendants, we are still using tonnes of plastic and polythene.

The destruction of the environment in India can be determined by the fact that out of 20 most polluted cities in the world 14 are from India. It means nearly 50% of India’s air is poisonous. More than enough to destroy the future generation’s right to breathe in clean air and drink clean water.

The slow mass murder of the environment is going on along with “Save the environment” and “Beat the plastic” posts on social media.

In our state Jammu and Kashmir, where polythene is ban, we all know how the real status of the ban. Ban is not going to change anything unless we really want to make a difference. Every day in the news, we see “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”  but if 14 cities of India are amongst the top most polluted cities in the world, it means somewhere the hype is not real.

The well-known hill stations are facing 40+°C temperature all thanks to the pollution man has created. We have not only damaged the life-sustaining environment of the earth, but we have also damaged the environment required for our survival. Earth can survive the greenhouse gases and primitive atmosphere. WE CAN’T.

How could you forget that before us volcanoes and lifelessness were children of the earth? All the times when you were thinking that you destroyed the earth, you were wrong. You destroyed yourself along with the other living species on this earth.

If plants and animals could speak maybe they could explain your destructive tendencies better. Our actions led to extinction of many precious species of plants and animals. Some flora and fauna are now only available only on the internet and technology is still not so great that we could download those extinct species. If only we could plant a sapling for every social media post, dispose of garbage properly, respect natural habitats of wild and marine animals and stay away from their homes.

Earth can survive millions of Chernobyl disasters and get back to its old self, but can you?

Happy Environment day

Article contributed by Renu Kotwal