Thursday, July 9, 2020

Why Trees fear man

“I make myself wood. I say to myself, Celie, you a tree.” That is how I come to know that trees fear man, from Alice Walker’s book “The colour purple”.

Cutting of trees is nowadays a common sight. Plastic mountains are a common sight too. When you enquire about the reason behind the cutting of trees, they say “Development”. What kind of development?

“Sir/Madam Widening of Roads”.

“Sir Building future for new generations”.

Do these answers satisfy you?

The recent Amazon rainforest fire is the result of inhuman actions of humanity.  The lungs of the planet are burning and here the world is ready for nuclear wars. Scientists are warning about the melting glaciers, water crisis, Ozone depletion, climate change while we are busy building a better future by destroying wildlife and murdering trees.  Aliens would laugh on this argument (if they exist).

If you have watched “PK” a Bollywood movie. Aamir Khan plays an alien in it. He tells Anushka Sharma who plays a journalist in movie that his planet is in harmony with nature, it is not like earth. When she says no earth is beautiful too. Aamir replies “Tumare planet ka toh _____”. He meant that your planet is in poor condition.

Have you ever watched Primetime debate on “Save trees” or something related to nature? No? Media is busy hyping politics and “Sas bahu drama”. Trees don’t fetch TRP after all. We forget that they give us what nobody can – “Oxygen” that too absolutely free. You know it already, still this ignorance towards nature? Ignorance is not bliss in this case. It is fatal.

Two people were talking about the environment.

One said, “Nature is overcoming Chernobyl. New vegetation and wildlife are flourishing in the contaminated area of Chernobyl. Magic”

The second person said “Wow! Nature can beat radiations”

“People are coming back to the uncontaminated area of Chernobyl. The rehabilitation you see.”


This “OH! NOOO” says a lot about human tendency. It is an easy task for the human population to convert islands into deserts. Never underestimate the power of Homo sapiens. They dry rivers and ponds and even make sea poisonous with ill use of their inventions like plastic. They have the power to melt glaciers.

They are harmful to nature more than all the radioactive elements combined. Uranium is falsely accused. Science is not making any mistakes. Humans are. Like sulphur is not inviting you to use it. Never did uranium tell you to come and convert it into a nuclear bomb. Human use Science, Science doesn’t use humans.

Ozone layer depletion is not a small thing. It requires great effort. Nature is witnessing all this and waiting for its turn to hit back humans.

If we talk about India, our cities are top rank holders in the world’s most polluted cities. No trees, more pollution, more carbon.

If our government and people keep working together as the present scenario then “Future is Bright”. Let’s correct it – “FUTURE IS CARBON“.

Our scientists are great, they would definitely come with new solutions to live in an environment where carbon rules. The future generations would miss “Normalcy”. Living with an oxygen cylinder attached to your body might be hard. Or shaving your head because there is no water.

Do you want to sit at home because you are going to die before such time?

At least start writing an apology letter to your future generation.

Renu Kotwal is a student of Central University, Jammu. 


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