World creativity and innovation day

Wonder Kid who invented word-counting pen

Hey Reader! How does it feel, reading on a well-designed piece of glass and plastic? You just touch the glass screen and pay your bills, talk to people away from you, Google everything and can even order a puppy online these days.
The technology behind the innovation of your electronic gadget is the result of creativity and knowledge implementation of a human being like you who believed in her ideas rather than believing thousands of “You can’t”.

Internet, Google, Whatsapp, Snapchat, all the apps you use are an innovation of someone like us. The best invention according to me is commercial electricity. No? Internet?
Creativity and innovation are the results of giving shape to your imagination. Curiosity to know things leads to knowledge and when you start looking for logic behind things, soon you develop the trait of creativity.

If you can imagine, you can create. A few decades back who could have imagined that you could see and talk to faces who live in other cities or countries, but some imagined it and they created it. We have so many big names to get inspired from like Albert Einstein, Tesla, Newton, APJ Abdul Kalam, Tim Berner Lee and many more amazing minds.
Have you ever heard about the lady whose invention of radio frequency guidance system inspired today’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi invention? HEDY LAMARR?

Hedy Lamarr

She was a Hollywood actress, so if you are one of those who say your profession is hindering your innovative ideas and creativity, you’re lying. Innovation and creativity is just not limited to science but your business ideas, new start-ups, a piece of writing, a new web portal, a rhyme, a knitted sweater, a self-written Facebook caption, your paintings, any idea to conserve resources, anything which is born from your mind and heart is your creation.

So dream, create and innovate. Any great scientist didn’t motivate me to create this for Straight Line readers but a picture of a kid who is 7-8 year old. He invented a word-counting pen. Happy to share that this kid today on the occasion of “World creativity and innovation day” got admitted to DPS by efforts of Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar.

Be your own inspiration. You can use Google to know more about your talents and groom your creative sides. Let us not forget to thank Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The article is written by Renu Kotwal, a student at Central University.