You’ll only remember these if you’re a 90s kid

The generation who is no longer a kid but still is famous as a 90s kid had truly an amazing childhood.

Here Straight line compiled some of the childhood revival memes for the 90s kids.

Number #10

90s kids favourite cartoon Popeye the sailor man taught children to eat Spinach but still their mom’s use to beat them for watching cartoons.

Number #9

Almost every Indian parent had Nokia so 90s kids had this fun on their parents’ phones. The phone was something very precious a decade back. Nostalgia?

Number #8

How to confuse your parents and siblings? Keep Phantom sweet cigarette in your mouth, a mouth freshener. It had no relationship with actual cigarettes

Number #7

90s kids were a fan of these cartoons, they still are along with Shakti man and junior G.

Number #6

NO internet or slow internet so 90s kids used to spend their computer class painting mountains and stars on Microsoft paint.

Number #5

Famous shows from 90s which were popular among 90s kids.

Number #4

The most famous dance number among 90s kid. “kaho na pyar hai” and “kuch kuch hota hai” were the most famous movies. Aishwarya and Madhuri’s “ Dola re Dola re..” was the dance song of every 90s girl. Oh, How could we forget “its a time to disco kon miley dekho kisko” and please extend this list, we know 90s music was rich.

Number #3

We had salons back then too but Indian mothers are expert at everything so katora cut was the most famous haircut of the 90s

Number #2

The most famous Ram, Lakshman and Sita ever in the history of Indian television were 90s kids morning watch.

Number #1

90s kids played with technology but along with a lot of outdoor games. 90s generation had a balanced childhood where technology was controlled by children and today its the reverse.

A lot of 90s memories are missing, add your own and do let us know what we missed.